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A Little House Cleaning

I have done a small amount of house cleaning of summary links at the bottom of the profile page: deleted a couple of dead links and broke out the original novels and prequels into separate categories.
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Volume 28 Summary

Many thanks to Rina for the excellent, in-depth summary of volume 28:

This is the first significant update we've had beyond vol. 24, I believe, since 2012, so yay! This is huge! (And, yes, we do have a gap right now between vols. 24 and 28.)

So much fun to get a sense of what's actually going on in those later volumes! Thank you, Rina!
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Showa Prequel vol. 4 Muhyoumachi Blues Summary

Here is Imperfekti's summary of the Showa Prequel (i.e. Minako era) volume 4. Many thanks, Imperfekti!
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Updated Translation/Summary Links: Prequel Stage Plays

I have updated the profile page with the following links. Many thanks to Michiru, Imperfekti, and Katinka for their hard work!

1st stage play, based on 1st novel: Yonakidori Blues (part 5 has links to the previous posts)

2nd stage play, based on 3rd novel: Ruritsubame Blues

2nd stage play extra scene, based on the 6th book but chronologically set before the two stories mentioned above: Love Me Tender

Ruritsubame Blues, Ice scene (second stage play, Minako era):
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Mirage Translation: End of Vol. 10, start of Vol. 11

I have been remiss in keeping up with Mirage fandom and didn't notice for about two years that [ profile] tasha_poisonous translated a lot more stuff than I'd added to this community. She finished volume 10 and did two chapters of volume 11.

It's all here (and has been added to the profile page for this community): (See navigation at the left of the page for all entries.)

Enjoy! And thanks, Tasha_Poisonous!
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Mirage of Blaze Translations Finally Updated!

I have just updated the profile of this community--with all the Mirage of Blaze translation links--so that it is up to date with its parent site on LiveJournal.

Now, I just pasted the LJ profile wholesale, and I know some of the links are dead. Feel free to comment which ones if you want. I'll cull them at some point, but I probably won't have time in the near future. The good news is a lot of the links are alive! This includes many from old LJ users who haven't been posting for years, but bless them for keeping their translations up!
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New Mirage Volume 10 Translations

I have (finally) updated this community with the latest translation of Mirage of Blaze volume 10. Here are the links, also on the community profile. Thanks, awesome translators!

Volume 10: links to Prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3:
Volume 10, chapter 4, part 1:
Volume 10, chapter 4, part 2:
Volume 10, chapter 5, part 1:
Volume 10, chapter 5, part 2:
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Mirage of Blaze Volume 10

[personal profile] sixish has graciously translated volume 10, prologue-ch. 2. Links to the various sections are here:
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Italian Mirage Translation

Italian Mirage of Blaze translations have a new home at
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MoB Volume 17, Chapter 24 Translated

The lovely [ profile] quaint_twilight has graciously translated volume 17, chapter 24. Yay! And thanks!
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New Mirage of Blaze Chapter: 17, ch. 23

[ profile] quaint_twilight has translated volume 17, ch. 23: volume 17:

Many thanks to her for all her time and effort!
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Welcome to Mirage Trans, the Dreamwidth Edition

Welcome old and new comers! I have just moved this community from LiveJournal over to Dreamwidth on the theory that LJ seems to be an increasingly unstable platform.

[community profile] mirage_trans is a community for links to Mirage of Blaze translation resources. Most translations are in English, but we also have links to Chinese, Russian, and Italian. All languages are welcome. All MoB materials are welcome (the original novels, prequels, drama CDs, etc.). All links are listed on the profile.

Please bring any dead links or needed updates to my attention.

I want to extend my profound appreciation to all the talented translators who have devoted their free time, gratis, to bringing this story into languages we fans can read. I also invite our translators to consider moving translations off-LJ and providing updated links against the day that LJ may no longer be available as a resource.