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I have finally put my old Blake/Avon fic "Mnemonics" on Ao3. It is an AU (i.e. the last episode was different) future fic and has the distinction of being my only B/A slash fic.

Yonakidori Blues English Subtitles

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:51 pm
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Because I'm fangirling the plays (and Tomita) so hard right now...

These subtitles are timed to the video on the DVD. There are certain bits of dialogue that I'm not 100% sure of but I've referenced the first Showa novel and the first Kaiko novel in the making of the subtitles so hopefully, there are minimal mistakes. If you do spot anything glaringly off, just let me know.

English subtitles for Yonakidori Blues (the first Mirage Showa Hen stage play)
Subtitle Formats: SSA / SRT 
Transcript: PDF

Tech Tips
Just a couple of suggestions on how you may use these subtitles.
  • Rip the video from your DVD and burn the subtitles together with the video onto a new DVD. Or you can simply store both the ripped video and subtitles in the same folder on your computer/external drive, make sure the file names are identical and play the video.
  • Play your DVD on your computer using a media player that can load external subtitles. VLC player is a good one to use. If you're on a Windows platform, Media Player Classic also has this function.
If you have any technical difficulties or issues with the subtitles, such as out-of-sync timing, feel free to let me know and I'll try to help you out.

BL Manga Rec: Acid Town

Sep. 7th, 2017 03:05 pm
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I am officially in love with Kyugo’s BL manga series, Acid Town, and want to spread the love to others. Many thanks to [ profile] imperfekti for putting me onto this wonderful series. She likened it to Mirage of Blaze (novels) in having an intricate, interesting plot with a great ensemble of characters, and that’s all quite correct.

General Review and Rec:
spoilers only for the chapter 1 setup

The story, which is currently ongoing, is set in a near future dystopia run by yakuza and opens with the tough life of a teen boy, Yuki, who has to pay the hospital bills of his chronically ill and adorable little brother, Jun. Yuki and his friend, Tetsu, get a break—or do they?—when a yakuza boss, Hyoudou, agrees to pay Jun’s bills in exchange for Yuki visiting him once a week.

Acid Town is definitely boys love, but it breaks a lot of conventions. The reader has to wait for the romance, and when it shows up, it’s not necessarily where or how you might expect it. Like many a BL manga, it is rife with sexual abuse. But it also devotes a great deal of attention to relationships that are not sexual, producing a strong sense of multiple ties that bind people simultaneously to family, friends, lovers, colleagues, mentors, etc. It is a tightly plotted, intricately crafted story that builds its relationships (sexual or platonic) out of a lot of typical angsty tropes but also out of a great deal of psychologically astute character development. Read more... )
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Should have posted this sooner, it has been sitting on my backlog for ages. :)

Directly translated from the original Japanese text.

This is the final chapter of Volume 17.

Translation )


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